Sunday, 5 April 2009

Up Close and Personal

Here at Castle Galleries we are often asked about the printing processes that are used on some of our artwork. Over the last few years printmaking techniques have become more advanced and ingenious. Giclee printing (pronounced zhee - clay and loosely translating as spray of ink in French) is a fine quality reproduction print.

Giclee printing is known for its deep saturated colours, minute details, subtle tints and blends resulting in a beautiful painterly finish. Giclee prints can often be hand embellished with extra layers of paint, gold leafing and a wide variety of items from the creative minds of our artists.

The limited edition work of John Myatt features stunning embellishment creating the look of the original work. Even John's "Genuine Fakes" were created ingeniously using household emulsion paint and KY Jelly to produce a technically accurate version of works by the great masters. Artists have always found clever and unusual techniques to create their work and now the publishers Washington Green are leading the way in reproducing their artists original work in new and exciting ways.

Caroline Shotton on the other hand produces original work embellished with sequins and even earrings which can be seen cleverly reproduced in one of her latest print releases "Diamonds are for Heifers"

For Simon Claridge's latest collection "The Diamond Dust Collection" his iconic beauties of the silver screen and popular culture have been given a sparkling treatment.
To view these ingenious pieces why not pop into the gallery and see them up close and personal.

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