Monday, 25 May 2009

Mackenzie Thorpe Exhibition Preview

From Saturday, 30th May we will be hosting a collection of work by internationally renowned Middlesborough born artist Mackenzie Thorpe.

From humble origins Mackenzie's compulsion to produce artwork was shaped not only by his surroundings but also by his dyslexia. The confidence Mackenzie found in painting and drawing helped him to produce an extensive body of work which gained him entry into the Byam Shaw School of Art in London. After several years working with children in inner city London Mackenzie set up his own studio and gallery which for the last few years has seen him produce numerous collections that have brought him world wide recognition.

His work with children continues through his charity work and is evident throughout his many themes including his big smiley heads, symbolising the innocence of childhood and endless possibilities of childlike imagination, as we grow we lose this innocence to fear and restriction and ultimately our worlds become limited. Mackenzie explains that he uses these images to encourage us not to lose openness to new and exciting adventures.
Mackenzie's themes are universal. The Shepherd reflects everybody's desire to protect and provide for their loved ones with unswerving commitment. The Shepherd will go to unimaginable lengths to protect his flock.

Another two of his themes originate from his own childhood growing up amongst Middlesborough's industry. The working man and factories both symbolise the strength and pride of the people of an era now lost that worked and prospered through times of hardship in order to provide for their families and our futures. He immortalises the accomplishments of these heros in the hopes that we never forget their importance in our communities.
With Mackenzie's reputation fast becomming global and his work collected by thousands he hints at the importance of never forgetting your roots, big feet often make an appearance in his work, his symbolic vow to remain grounded.
In Castle Galleries, Newcastle we are excited to highlight the amazing work that Mackenzie has done for the North East, our exhibition will incorporate works spanning his various themes and styles both in print and sculptural form.

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