Sunday, 13 December 2009

Michael Vaughan 'From Crease to Canvas'

Since retiring as captain of the England cricket team Michael has put his batting skills to canvas and combined his two passions in life - cricket and art - to create 'artballing' - an innovative, unusual and exciting form of modern abstract art.
As the most successful ever English captain it's sometimes easy to forget Vaughan the batsman - he was placed as number one in the world batting rankings. 'Vaughan's stroke play was pure artistry,' reported one Sydney Newspaper.
Using his favoured cover drives, square cuts and pull shots Michael expertly hits a paint-covered ball at a blank white canvas to create colour abstract pieces that can be best described as a riotous and colourful mixture of Jackson Pollock meets Damien Hirst. "With my art... it's been good to get away from cricket and switch off those thought processes required to captain at the highest level, the dayin day-out questioning of yourself and the team - the art is quite therapeutic". As well as creating wonderful contemporary abstract pieces he re-creates some of his famous wins in artballing form - such as his Sydney 2003 innings of 183. The commemorative canvas entitled 183, charts every single he scored that day with a 'maroon' shot on the canvas, every two he scored with a 'red', every four in pink, and the sole six in green. This gives his work a unique story telling quality, as it charts the narrative of his cricketing career.
These unique and contemporary abstract pieces are all hand finished and personally hand signed by Michael Vaughan himself - making them a fantastic addition to any contemporary home as well as a highly collectable piece of art.

Power Play

Hand Embelished Box Canvas (edition of 195) 30" x 45" £599

To view the full collection of Michael's work click here

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