Friday, 27 August 2010

Nadeem In The Spotlight

Over the last few months we have increased our showing of artwork from Nadeem. The direct black and white images have really struck a cord with visitors to our gallery with a number of originals and limited editions now having a new home in the region.

Words from Nadeem..............

I have always been fascinated by light and the shadows, forms, mood and atmosphere it can create. During my time as a scenic artist I learnt so much from the artists I worked with, they have a vast knowledge of all aspects of art, light, perspective and colour. They are almost like modern day equivalents of the renaissance masters, taking on commissions and designs on a grand scale.

The characters I use could be each and every one of us at any time and they are large in order to represent the consumer society we live in. I choose to keep them anonymous by not showing their faces but give them their personality through body language and posture.

I like to keep an element of mystery about my paintings leaving them open to individual interpretation.

We will continue to increase our showing of Nadeem's work over the next few months. Please contact us for availability of original and limited edition work.

Tel 0191 2332200

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