Thursday, 4 November 2010

Louis Sidoli - WANTED!

As many of you may have already seen advertised in The Journal on November 3rd, here at Castle Galleries Newcastle we have a spectacular exhibition of new work from Louis Sidoli. This fantastic new collection is titled 'Most Wanted' and sees famous faces who have fallen foul of the law! The pictures span from the 1920's to the 1980's and were taken upon arrest of the perpetrators.... all except one that is! Elvis's image is actually a staged photograph taken on a tour of the FBI offices when he was introduced to the then president, Richard Nixon!

Louis had this to say about his new collection of work -

" I like to think of this collection as a bit like Andy Warhols on steroids. I created a series of portraits using vintage mug shots of iconic figures from popular culture, including gansters, rock legends and Hollywood film stars".
"The subjects I have chosen are either my personal favourites or simply because they are great images. Each one has a story behind it, but the real appeal of these images is that everyone loves a bad boy!"

This exhibition will be on display from Saturday 6th of November and will be on display in the run up to Christmas. These limited edition pieces are priced at £399 each framed and make perfect Christmas presents. For further details on all of these pieces or if you would like to go ahead and order an item, please do not hesitate to contact us here at the gallery on 01912332200 or email us at We look forward to seeing you in the gallery soon.

Arrested 1929
'Carrying concealed weapons'
 Arrested 1961
'Carrying a concealed weapon' Charges dropped

Arrested 1976
'Marijuana possession' Charges dropped.
December 1970
Not actually arrested - taken on tour of FBI

Arrested 1938
'Adultery' Charge later dropped.

Arrested 1967
'Disturbing the peace, resisting arrest and immoral exhibition'

Arrested 1965
'Arrested by customs' - Seized 100's of pills and tranquilisers
Arrested 1986
'Trespassing whilst intoxicated'
Arrested 1967
'Possession of amphetamine tablets'

Arrested 1979
'In connection with murder of girlfriend Nancy Spungen'
Arrested 1972
'Drink driving' later convicted for reckless driving.

Arrested 1984
'Public intoxication'

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